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It then slowly .. 
The..'s Not easy to read .. 
Thinking hard ... just once though. 
Please ... do not bother asking for mercy. 
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*** Mareep 

Thinking hard ... just once though. 
Please ... do not bother asking for mercy. 
The elite offering fans interfaces ... __ / I \ __ 


Atthanij Pokkasap      to read the original basis. I shared this out Come on ... they answered the questions one by one here. 

Atthanij Pokkasap      read ... is simple. This divination ... i went awry because of love and caring mother planet is the Moon (2) In case of death ... but even then there is a solid foundation for the ... 

Atthanij Pokkasap     Where do I have to do ... 
In human history.. Son loved and worried mother. No one will belive it.., If unsuccessful, despite the existence of the Great Smoke Callan soon ... 

Mareep    everything ... the good professor is a professor tell me ... but I'm not going to ask something like this (I hesitate is because I talk a Gemini probably) ... , ... and push out the details of the calculation of the Page View down a little bit ... because I just put it on my own, but I was too lazy to put links to the machine (I'm using that number. ) ... so I took a pass from a website that told me ... he told me to put it like gut, destiny ... it is very important to decipher from the old, something like that (just for a degree. Sub not ... do not let it come down to 555) ...... and it is the issue about which I had to sign it, which I do not really know much about these ... , ... 

Mareep    another comparison because I intend to read the book and try it for yourself, see yourself as the norm, so I took it down ... Because I see too many times when I watch it, it will try siding with. I own (you can make it out before ... really good, then it is also not me) ... 

Mareep    and I still wonder ... OK, Microbiology and Devi ... good or bad luck, anyway (in the book he says that, then it would really mean the opposite Bypass and reply. Was not quite over) ... and here it is, my 7 Bypass Lady luck again ... It was devastating portrayal Road jail have you? ... 3 of the teachers that I was a risk, but it was emotional ... aka perturbed to jinx myself or not (many times did you think to do it just make sense, it really is not) .. . Putta it was too risky and could stream 6 to 7 in the house with me and mine (I do not want to show off that I know myself ... I read the book in my hands) ...... 

Mareep    ... that it is not ask to be brought into the (not Nothin '... I've been to the doctor before the other two, then I add too that need to be ordained next ... very afraid). , ...

Atthanij Pokkasap     If a star  Kumlacns .. 
12th house Saturn is taking me to prison ... just stars agriculture Lacns is Wednesday (4) Dodge Lanna Scorpio to give a little bit healthy to me. 
The priest did the next thing ... 58 rays penetrate the host to pair them up. I love the fair was a fight to the old sinister, lawless go in vain. This is not good 

Atthanij Pokkasap      observed as an auspicious sign will be the habit as well. Respectively in? ... 

1. ascendant in the habit of Science Tech Ramblin likes it simple. public Service I also like the free 

2. The Sun is the reason Mano said.. Cardiac peaceful. I lived alone in a house, but it's quiet .... Florida's opposition to the ascendant. I like having a second personality. 

3. Gould Landscape Paloma basic emotions Similar to the Sun But it is deadly greenhouse Opposition to the ascendant And then stars ascendant ditch friendly match Sunday and Monday, it was the original one ... it contradicts itself 2: 1 it. 

4. Hangman- auspicious Tuesday Here. The challenge was to take to jail for refusing to Saturday took the same, then the ascendant. But because Tuesday is my cool friend. Friday, so I have to lose consciousness. Weighing The prison is not impossible. 

5. Wednesday were auspicious love wit ... star ascendant ascendant as only science, but it's better than the public over. 

6. Thursday in Wonderland Tim Meadows ... intellectual wealth. I really like the knowledge earned over. 

7. is an auspicious Friday Love - financial were purposefully marketed well. 

8. Saturday in Palo landscape ... for the battle Tuesday. Become a habit ingrained in the address. Commitment to the well-being conventionally.. Put away in prison, but it is not the same as general guidelines. 

9. rays in Wonderland co-star Tim Meadows ... intellectual Thursday. Wisdom far and wide, both positive and negative that. I think the cause is.. Did not have a wife haaaaa. 

10. Note that the additional financial Tuesdays, Fridays good friends, often the opposite of the opposite sex to be a good thing. 

11. Deadly Genetic enhancement of agricultural ascendant Mercury is a creative and bizarre pranks on people, not less. I mean Relative cut.. Did not have relatives with you.. Because extra temperament create a pleasantly surprising many people are in a period of social ... you. 

Atthanij Pokkasap      Back to number, date of birth ... born Sunday Dec 10. 2515. 
Sunday = one good reason for advocating ambitious. 

10 = deadly Sunday Spiraled around the galaxy (the star center to the edge of the universe, the stars) is underway with Saturn ... do not act ... the burden of suffering for others. 

December. = Zodiac sign than any of the 12 brightest stars will be my eyes and sharp lyrics Foster The deal, but now acting cranky by Nature ... the light rays in the middle of a freak of Bushido. it's not wrong, but religion is not a religion, it helped more. 

2515 = 13 stars, the stars are in conflict with the general mood. (Both start put him look good evidence why) I frequent headaches, migraines eat out 13 = 4 out of the packet, Mercury's tiny like the close proximity adults (I think they are less so. ) .. I Most predict the emotion ... I took it back to health, structural elements, stars and planets of the zodiac elements mounted again. 

Atthanij Pokkasap      the sunset house Scorpio is a Water or Boris worlds ... Beware acute heart attack ... but I want to practice this breath. If diligently accumulate in the body over the quality elements that determine the fate. 

Mareep   Thanks ... I took this before so I will not bother too many of them very long, ... immoderate do it exactly like it ... Oh, why exactly is it a ...