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*** Atthanij Pokkasap Wednesday

Multiply the base element ... the element before using herbal medicine Thailand transcend. Patan and ten lines !
Multiplying the elements ...
One . Birthdays (Sunday + Monday = 2 ... ) birthday ( lunar month . Twenty months ... ) birth ( rat . Ox ... ) anal and 9 + age = full results.

Two . Outcome x 3 ( Tripp ) results.

Three . Outcome . 2 set to 4 bases.
( 1) ( 2) ( 3 ) (4 ) .
Are rare earth elements are water power , wind power fire .
( 20) ( 12) ( 6) ( 4 ) .
Divided by 4 ( 4 elements ) divided by 4 divided by 4 divided by 4 .

4. The remainder from dividing in Section 3 . = Number of elements that are absent from the whole 4 refilled THB ( Thailand Section Weights original) .
Earth = long pepper ( the flower) .
Water = Sacgan (early , vines ) .
Wind = plu (leaves) .
Fire = Plumbago ( root) .

Prepared by addition of dry ginger (the weight in baht ) to complete the integration of the elements. 4 This lack of fine recipes .. as earth , air, fire , water body before taking herbs , ancient Buddhist birth date is derived from the collision entertaining . Ancient religion of the Babylonians ( superstition over God ) brought by a New You in the late 8th century , and medical advances of the Babylonians and cut out the cows heart replaced the heart . And the patient lived for another 5 years ... And do not underestimate the science of ancient civilizations ....

Atthanij Pokkasap    should call it new. Traditional medicine is not affiliated with ancient Buddhist Thailand ...!
Atthanij Pokkasap    coordinates in medicine , ancient Buddhist from Christ solar drugs Foreign Bible solar drugs developed from a portion of the sky in the worlds solar lunar Sur Ya Glass Chantara Glamorgan external time to time by scientists today know nothing phenomenon. time Daring to violate the Nonthon this audacious end well.
Mareep Nnag Yakkhanugann     Hi teacher ...
Atthanij Pokkasap    I just came   you 're interested in asking Pak to ... I do not go to waste ...
Atthanij Pokkasap    stars ate away at the age of skills . As another section on the use of force in the 6 process skills is one of the world's orbit relative Buddhism, astrology Thailand to find out. That ... the world is turning 6 ... at the time the complications themselves , but only to discover harmonies .
Atthanij Pokkasap    outer solar time (the Earth revolves around the Sun), lunar ( moon revolves around the earth and each other) are the two main time is at the heart of Sur Ya I Chantara Tar Tar ...
Atthanij Pokkasap    balance loss of time inside. The mutation of amino acids ( elemental dust of stars ) , a derivative of human immunodeficiency ruptured blood coagulation and sedimentation . Acute ischemic heart ...
Veccha     thanks
Veccha     Thailand modern medicine , it provides only symptomatic treatment is no way this thing .
Atthanij Pokkasap    because they do not know how I set the time scale . Same frequency quantum . Mental performance with particles called Buddhism . Krchkai ... is rare interstellar dust Perak pick up the body. The amino acid Glow .. Groups amino acids in interstellar space is a large legendary. Sun light prom Buddhism talks about it.
Atthanij Pokkasap    Krchkai structure convey an astrological chart of Thailand in the ascendant stars that binds members of the solar system, the stars in the sky worlds it.
Atthanij Pokkasap    celestial worlds is a time of moral behavior varies ...
Atthanij Pokkasap    In T. relativity called the Subjectivity of Time!!!
Atthanij Pokkasap    schedule and call to witness that. Participater ... engaged in Events Coordinates with the different constituents Observer .. The scientific observations of the colonial use today .
Mareep Nnag Yakkhanugann     see it ... difficult to calculate these stories is to see the glowing stars Eye + mind me ... I did not understand that the orbits of the stars ...
Atthanij Pokkasap    put stars born in the pie chart ( the Pence ) was. It was seen that the four elements of Buddhism called " Krchkai " immediately.
Atthanij Pokkasap    Krchkai mean body caused by mineral dust ( interstellar ) developed by legend. Sun light Brahma down to the ground ... I relish the day is a mental synthesis of these elements in the dust . Particular amino acids glow in deep space ...
Mareep Nnag Yakkhanugann     ancient Buddhist wonder of our universe to a single shift ...
Atthanij Pokkasap    it .. When the universe. Psychic me a universe that does not mind you calling me that Suyy Eon .
Naga the Serpent uncanny sense Bible Ping Lo       Try
Atthanij Pokkasap    multiply this element .. There Cathal Tui Herbal returns . Shift of the medicine Pak Thailand it as you noted , but all the knowledge I have developed from superstition, Thailand has no right to judge . But the benefit to antiquity have it. We have a drug I try that. The Doctors Superstition or the correct Or both ...